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Why work with me

·  Author: Book “Leads Are Good, Sales Are Better

·  Author: Forbes Contributor

·  Senior-level experience

·  Teach marketing at the university level

·  Satisfied clients

·  Flexible to your needs

·  I understand you, because I’ve been you


I’ve been in your shoes, so I understand the importance of time, money and results.  So I can eliminate wasted time trying to figure things out and get right down to getting things done.  I will think strategically while also implementing tactics.

Marketing Experience

With over 20 years of marketing experience, I have been responsible for Internet, Mobile, Radio, TV, Catalog, Direct Mail, Print, and Brand advertising. I help companies implement innovative, cost-efficient, scalable marketing programs and have held the following senior management roles:


• Head of Marketing, Founders First Capital Partners and Founders First CDC 

• Senior VP at (the largest health database in the world, purchased by Hearst for $80M)

• Original VP Marketing (public, then bought by FTD for $200M.)

• Direct Marketing Manager at Intuit's TurboTax


Current clients include: Center For Respectful LeadershipMatroidREE MedicalSanaViewAmerican Honda Automotive (Smart Homes Innovations)


Some relevant previous experience also includes: Motivating the MassesDouble Helix WaterJJ Virgin


I recently co-authored Leads Are Good, Sales Are Better and I am currently a contributor to Forbes Communication Council. I am also an educator at San Diego State University, EvoNexus (startup incubator), WeWork, Cal Poly, and Pt Loma Nazarene. I am the past president of the San Diego chapter of the Direct Marketing Association and have received The Margaret Sellers Award as Marketer Of The Year.

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