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A fractional CMO is a part-time Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for leading the marketing strategy and managing the marketing department. Fractional CMOs typically work with businesses who need the role of a CMO, but not in a full-time capacity.

Key Fractional CMO Responsibilities

  • Developing your marketing strategy, positioning, and messaging

  • Co-creating and monitoring your go-to-market strategy

  • Creating and managing processes

  • Developing your branding strategy

  • Solving your marketing and growth challenges

  • Hiring and scaling a marketing team (if needed)

  • Spearheading your advertising and marketing efforts

  • Providing a direction that aligns with your company goals

  • Overseeing and reporting on objectives, implementation, and metrics

Examples of Projects I have assisted with:

  • Managing the in-house or fractional marketing team

  • Create KPI reporting system

  • Build a marketing strategy (for internal use and for investors)

  • Build Marketing Decks for investors

  • Sounding board (listen to CEO/Founder ideas and help direct the implementation)

  • In-depth marketing research

  • Ai Marketing tactical implementation

  • Channel decisions

  • Go-to-market strategy (and implementation)

  • Present to investors as part of a start-up’s marketing team

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