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Unleashing the Power of Lead Nurturing: Strategies to Drive Sales and Customer Success

The Sticky Power of Ongoing Touchpoints

Human behavior reveals that familiarity breeds preference. The more touchpoints a brand delivers over time, the stickier the perception becomes in the minds of prospects. This gradual nurturing generates compounding returns, exponentially boosting mindshare. With each small investment in time and attention, the scales begin tipping towards your solution versus alternatives. Harness this behavioral tendency through targeted nurturing.  

Crafting Segmented Nurturing Journeys 

Prospects enter the funnel with varying levels of product knowledge and interest. Begin by segmenting contacts based on identifiable traits and behaviors that suggest where they fall on the awareness spectrum. Map common questions and needs for each segment and develop tiered nurturing tracks serving relevancy matched content over time. This strategic approach efficiently progresses contacts closer to sales qualified status.  

Driving Deeper Engagement with Gated Assets 

Getting prospects to self-identify through interactions signifies heightened engagement critical for conversion. Place high-value assets like ebooks, toolkits, and templates behind gated forms requesting key details about title, role, and business priorities in exchange for access. This value exchange captures crucial data for personalization while driving contacts to deeper levels of engagement. Follow up with sequences aligned to expressed interests.  

Accelerating Deal Velocity with Value Drips  

Lengthy sales cycles destroy growth potential. Maintain visibility through valuable “drips” to contacts following initial interest until sales deems them qualified. Send a mix of helpful tips, industry report summaries, event invites, and productivity tools. This alleviates forgetfulness by providing friendly touches that demonstrate your commitment to their goals long-term, not just during an active deal. 

Installing Triggers to Reaccelerate Stalled Opportunities  

When deals stagnate, identifying the right prompt to reaccelerate interest can unlock conversion potential. Monitor sales funnel health to spot trajectory changes. Build campaign triggers to automatically react to changes, like sending refreshingly new content to a contact who has gone cold for over 90 days. Or remind inactive accounts of success stories from peers in their industry. Triggers scale personalization through timely, relevant interventions.  

Amplifying Word-of-Mouth with Customer Playbooks  

Referrals convert better but most customers fail to actively refer without a nudge. Create playbooks that educate customers on being brand ambassadors, complete with referral instructions, email templates, content shareables, and co-branded event materials for recruitments. Coupled with referral incentives and reminders seeded post-purchase, this amplifies word-of-mouth by equipping the army behind your brand.  

Cultivating Loyalty Through Customer Milestones


Customer milestones present ripe opportunities to deploy meaningful touches that customers recall for years, strengthening the emotional connection to your brand long after purchase. Identify key anniversaries, renewals, goal progress, and integration completions. Build campaigns around milestone moments to maintain visibility with thoughtful, helpful nudges and relationship growth incentives. This cultivates fierce loyalty as customers recall your integral role in their success.   

Analyzing Campaign Impact on Metrics 


To optimize future nurturing strategy, analysts must connect programs to hard revenue and retention impacts. Leverage UTM tagging and links unique to each campaign and sequence. Trace contacts through the customer journey by incorporating attributes tied to their first touch campaign. Calculate conversion rates, deal sizes, and lifetime values by lead source and first nurture program to showcase ROI power players. Continually doubling down on the nurture streams producing enterprise accounts and raving fans.

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